The high-speed hand dryer

What is Jet Towel?

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Jet Towel is the unique eco-friendly hand air dryer of the XXI century, designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. Two air jets remove water from your hands thanks to high speed. This makes for a far quicker drying compared to conventional hot air dryers that are usually based on water evaporation.

Average drying time with Jet Towel is 10 seconds.

How does it work?

Jet Towel is provided with sensors that detect the presence of your hands inside the hand dryer. This prevents the system from functioning unnecessarily, thus saving both energy and money.

When your hands are inside the dryer, a sensor activates the air flow. As you remove your hands from the dryer, a jet of air removes all water. Water is captured completely: no more wet floors or walls and, consequently, no more germs. Jet Towel is synonym of a clean and safe environment.

Design and Features

Jet Towel has been conceived to improve hygiene while reducing energy consumption and management costs. Its ergonomic design has been purposefully studied to facilitate its use. Its cutting-edge engine makes for an airflow at a speed of 288 km per hour.

Jet Towel is available in the following colours: white, black/silver. It comes with or without heater. The hot air version is suitable for environments with lower temperatures and can be useful when the seasons change as the heater can be set as desired.

Jet Towel is the quietest hand dryer on the market: noise level does not exceed 59 decibels (lower than that of a conversation).

No contact and maximum hygiene

Jet Towel is open on both sides: this allows you to insert your hands without touching it, thus ensuring maximum hygiene. Its anti-microbial material, together with the Silver Ion treatment it has undergone, prevent bacteria from proliferating both on its surface and in the water that is removed from your hands.


The version with no heater uses only 560 watt while functioning, that is to say 75% less than traditional hot air hand dryers.

Jet Towel has low management costs, reduces the waste of natural resources and does not produce waste (unlike, for instance, a paper towels dispenser).