What is it, How does it work, Why should I use it?



  • What is it?

    Jet Towel is the eco-friendly high-speed hand dryer. Its cutting-edge technology allows drying without having to use heat sources: it simply removes all water thanks to its high-speed air jets.

  • How does it work?

    When you insert your hands, the sensors that start its engine activate high-speed air jets. Water is thus removed from your hands as you remove them from the device. It's a very quick method that allows you to dry your hands in just 10-12 seconds, unlike traditional hand dryers that usually need over 30 seconds. Excess water is collected in a removable tank that can be emptied whenever you like.

  • Is it hygienic?

    Jet Towel safely collects excess water removed from your hands in a drain tank situated at the bottom of the device. This means no more wet floors, walls or clothes. Jet Towel is made with anti-bacterial material; it uses Silver Ion technology to avoid the proliferation of bacteria on both inner and outer surfaces, included drain water. Jet Towel is automatically activated and does not require any contact between the user and the device.

  • Why should I use it?

    There are several reasons why you should use Jet Towel:

    • It dries your hands much more quickly that traditional hand dryers.
    • It is quiet compared to traditional electric hand dryers or to other hand dryers of the same kind.
    • Maximum hygiene
    • It has been designed for a long service life thanks to its cutting-edge engine.
  • It seems expensive. Is it going to last?

    Its energy-efficiency will allow you to save on costs. In the section "calculate your saving", you can work out both costs and savings according to your necessity. Its engine has been tested for a mean time to dangerous failure MMTF of 400 uses per day, 365 days a year for 7 years. It may cost more than traditional hand dryers but the savings in terms of energy consumption as well as the client's satisfaction turn it into an advantageous investment.

  • How much attention should I pay to it?

    Its drain tank has a capacity of about 800 uses. If the tank is not emptied for a long period, water will be slowly drained on the floor, thus allowing the hand dryer to continue functioning. Thanks to the anti-microbial properties of the material, it is possible to use alcohol-based cleaning products. Its long-lasting filter protects the engine from dust and dirt. It only requires cleaning on an occasional basis.

  • How much energy does it use?

    Jet Towel uses only 1000 watt when the heating system is on end only 650 watt when it is off. Traditional hot air hand dryers use 200-2500 watt on average; high speed ones use 1600 watt.

  • What are the colours available?

    Jet Towel is available in white and black/silver.

  • Why is it provided with a heating system?

    Thanks to the air speed of 288Km/h (80m/sec), a flow of cool air is likely to be produced, especially if the device is installed in a cold environment (for example in storage rooms or outdoors toilets). Many clients decide to leave the heating system off in the summer and to turn it on during winter.

  • Is hand drying quicker if the heating system is on?

    The drying method is based on the removal of water from the hands, not on the evaporation through heat. Hot air may speed up the drying process by 1-2 seconds.

  • What happens if an object is stuck in the hand dryer?

    A safety shutter turns off the device in 30 seconds.

  • What are the controls and what is their function?

    A main switch allows turning the device on and off. It should be off during periodic cleaning. An on/off switch of the heating system allows turning hot air on and off. A control to adjust the air volume allows reducing air speed; this makes for lower noise and energy consumption while slightly increasing drying time.

  • What is the main peculiarity of the engine?

    Unlike many other devices, Jet Towel is provided with a brushless DC engine that ensures a very long service life without user serviceable parts. This corresponds to 3600 hours of engine operation.

  • Is it possible to purchase spare drain tanks and air filters?

    Of course. You can contact our technical services centres. For further information contact Technical assistance Mitsubishi Electric

  • At what height from the floor should it be installed?

    The installation manual gives specific advice as far as the adequate height is concerned. The minimum distance between the floor and the bottom part of the device is 150mm.

  • What's behind Jet Towel?

    Jet Towel is manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric that developed for the first time this drying system in Japan in 1993. It was the first company to suggest this innovative system. The current version belongs to the seventh generation after many studies and improvements. This means that Jet Towel is not just the original high-speed hand dryer: it is also the most efficient.

  • Is wall installation safe?

    If the device is installed on a solid wall by means of the 6 screws provided, it has a resistance of 240N.

  • What do the noise levels 70dB, 60dB and 50dB correspond to?

    70dB: a telephone ringing; 60dB: a noisy office, a normal conversation; 50 db: a normal office.

  • If I need assistance or further information, who can I contact?

    For further information:

    Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
    Via Energy Park 14
    20871 Vimercate (MB)
    Tel. 039 60531
    e-mail: clima@it.mee.com

    For technical assistance:

    Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
    Via Cardano 1, Edificio La Dialettica
    20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)
    Tel. 039 6053600
    e-mail: acprod.service@it.mee.com