Cheap and Eco-friendly

Low energy consumption


Jet Towel is one of the most energy-efficient air hand dryers on the market. It uses only 560W compared to 240W of a traditional hand dryer. It allows saving costs and energy while reducing the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere by 750 kg per year.


Drying your hands with a paper towel costs as much as drying 35 pairs of hands with Jet Towel. Provided with a 560W engine (less than half compared to direct competition), Jet Towel allows reducing energy costs significantly.

Automatic on/off

Jet Towel automatically starts and stops functioning, thus avoiding energy waste. Its lower sensor detects the presence of your hands in the dryer and activates the airflow. When you remove your hands, its upper sensor automatically stops the air from flowing. The system stops after 25 seconds, whether hands are removed or not.

Long service life

Cleaning and maintaining Jet Towel is very easy. The drying section is made of alcohol resistant resin to allow cleaning with standard alcohol-based products. All surfaces that are exposed to water (drying section, tank and drain pipe) undergo anti-microbial treatment. Its high-durability DC brushless engine guarantees a long service life with minimum maintenance.

Energy efficiency: some facts

Designing eco-friendly devices is one of the main challenges of our time. Besides saving on costs, by installing Jet Towel you will choose to reduce waste and carbon dioxide production as well as the use of natural resources: it all balances out.

For example:

A company located in a 10 floor-building normally uses 320.000 paper towels per month, thus generating 770 kg of paper waste.

This means using 16 trees per month, that is to say 192 trees per year.

If paper waste were stacked, it would reach 28 meters of height per month and 336 meters per year, which equals to a 80 floor-building.

In terms of CO2, Jet Towel reduces emissions by 750 kg compared to a traditional hand dryer.